The Power of Love



LoveWe’re at a crossroads. Many people are trying to cling to old modalities of being. But every hierarchical system around us is beginning to collapse – the duality political party system, the religious organisations that trap us in dogma and fear, the patriarchal medical model, the economic model. It’s beginning to crumble because information and influence is no longer given exclusively to the establishment. That’s one thing driving the shift towards coaching relationships rather than top-down, teacher-student type relationships.
Once we get to that point where information is so readily available, it changes consciousness, it changes not only what you know about something, but it also connects other people who are thinking and moving in the same direction. It’s like a great global neuron-network, the synapses being individual human beings, and the neuro-connectors being the ever expanding on-line social network; the Facebook groups, the discussion forums and the like. The hierarchical power/knowledge control system of the world is crumbling at an increasing pace. People are recognizing that they themselves can tap in directly to ‘what is’ they are free to explore, to co-create. This is an amazing time in history, we’re right in the middle of this revolution. This is true empowerment, this is the time when things are beginning to get really exciting. We are no longer giving our power away to an external authority. As Jesus said, ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’. After 2,000 years, we’re finally beginning to understand the true meaning of this. It’s within us and between us – we’re no longer willing to externalize and offload our own responsibility and power to others.

What has happened to me, since I got somehow swept up in all of this, is that I’ve made beautiful relationships with the most amazing people right around the globe. There are many people that I’ve never even physically met, who I now count amongst my brothers and sisters. The thing that’s holding all of this together? In a word, LOVE!

This might sound strange to some people, but in the coaching relationship, two of the most powerful things that make mountains shift are:

The coach (i.e. me!) has ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the client can overcome obstacles and free their inner genius to become the best possible version of themselves.
The love that the coach has for the client drives everything. Of course, we’re talking about platonic love, but it’s a deep love from one human being to another. When there’s genuine love, Spirit moves. The coach is just a conduit for the power of the universe to move.
That’s why I love coaching so much – I feel Spirit moving and I see people growing up and waking up. It’s beautiful because love is beautiful.